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There are several types of survey plans filed in the Land Title Office. The most common include:

  1. Subdivision plans
  2. Strata Plans
  3. Reference and Explanatory plans.


Subdivision Plans

Subdivision plans, also called survey plans or plot plans, can help a property owner determine the legal lot dimensions and area of a property. The subdivision plan will give the dimensions and area of each lot contained in the subdivision.  

A copy of the plan will include:

  • Lot dimensions
  • Area of each lot
  • Lot boundaries
  • Adjoining plan numbers
  • Date of registration

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Strata Plans

Strata plans are deposited in the Land Title Office when a strata corporation is established. A strata plan will show the layout for the strata building including the dimensions of each unit.  Located on the strata plan will be a Legend to help determine common property from part of the strata unit. Strata plans also typically contain information about unit entitlement, parking stalls and a record of the by-laws and orders.

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Reference Plans

Reference or Explanatory plans define roads, or define the location, boundaries, and area of registered documents such as easements, covenants, right of ways or lease charges. These plans are occasionally attached to the registered document but generally need to be ordered separately.