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stolen-vehicle.jpgAre you worried the vehicle you are about to buy is stolen?  Now you can search the entire national database of over 185,000 stolen vehicles and 485,000 stolen articles.  This Canadian stolen vehicle database is updated every day and includes all vehicle types such as: cars, motorcycles, RV's, trailers, dirt bikes, ATV's, snowmobiles, farm vehicles and heavy equipment.

A stolen vehicle search is always recommended when purchasing any of the vehicle types above, but is of particular importance when purchasing a non-registered vehicle.  A search will indicate that "NO RECORDS ARE FOUND" if the vehicle is not stolen and "THIS VEHICLE MAY HAVE BEEN REPORTED AS STOLEN" if there is a postive match of the VIN.  A positive match to a search inquiry should be confirmed with the local police.

CLICK HERE for a Stolen Vehicle Search