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Ontario Land Title Search


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Product Description

 An Ontario Land Title search can be conducted with one of the following pieces of information:

  • Search by the PIN Number (Property Identification Number).  A PIN number can be found on Property Tax Assessments and will be in the following format:  12345-6789.
  • Search by the exact civic address.  Not all properties are entered into the database by the municipal address.  Some are entered by the legal description which can be found on Property Tax Assessment documents.
  • Search by the owner's name and city of residence. The exact spelling of the owner's name as registered on the Title is required.
  • Search by a document or instrument number.  This number can be found on a Parcel Register and would be used to obtain a copy of a document such as a: Deed, Transfer or Charge (Mortgage, Builder's Lien, etc.).  Ontario Registered Document searches are conducted separately for an additional fee.

If possible, please provide the Land Registry Office for our reference.  


Ontario Land Title searches will reveal:

  • the name(s) of the current owner of the property, and a history of previous owners if deleted charges are requested. How far back depends on date of electronic conversion.
  • all documents (instruments) registered on title since the date of electronic conversion.  Additional information can be obtained by ordering copies of the documents.  Request must be made using the instrument number.
  • Upon request, copies of the deed, mortgages, transfers and liens can be obtained by conducting an Ontario Registered Document search.
  • Upon request, a Writ of Execution on the registered owners as they appear on the Parcel Register.  This will reveal details of any outstanding judgments on the owner.

Results will be delivered via email within 45 minutes of your order during regular business hours. Additional charges may apply for title searches that exceed 3 pages.



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