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The Personal Property Registry contains the records of registered charges such as liens and security interests filed against personal property. “Personal Property” is used to describe consumer goods such as motor vehicles, boats, trailers, bikes, ATV’s, motorhomes, aircrafts, industrial or farming equipment and manufactured/mobile homes.

If you are purchasing any of these vehicles or equipment whether privately or through a dealer, it is highly recommended that you search the Personal Property Registry for liens. A quick and easy lien search will protect you from purchasing a vehicle that may have unpaid debts.


A lien search can be performed in two ways:

  1. Serial number/ VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  2. Individual or Business Debtor name.

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Anyone intending to purchase used or trade-in personal property should carefully consider searching the Personal Property Registry to ensure that the vehicle is free and clear of any encumbrances or liens. This will protect you from buying someone else’s debt as the lien will follow the vehicle. If the debt remains unpaid, a secured party or creditor can potentially seize the property from you to settle the debt. A quick lien search in the personal property registry will give you peace of mind as a buyer.

Creditors or lenders intending to accept personal property as collateral for a loan should also search the personal property registry. This will ensure that the property has not previously been used as collateral for a loan.

If there is a lien registered against a vehicle the lien search will reveal the following information:

  • Names and Address of the Secured Party
  • Names and Address of the Debtor(s)
  • Serial number/ VIN, Year and Make of the Vehicle

The lien search will also provide the registration date and the number of years the lien will remain in effect. The lien search does not provide the dollar amount of the outstanding lien. For more information on the loan itself the person should contact the secured party or creditor.