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The BC Assessment database contains a wide variety of information on all real estate property in British Columbia.  Most notably, BC Assessment searches provide an assessment of a property's current value.  Detailed property reports include information such as previous sale dates and price, year built, total finished area, number bedrooms and bathroom, and other physical descriptions of the property.

There are three levels of property information reports available:

1.  Owner/Location Report

This report is often used to obtain the legal description of a property from a civic address, or to find the most recent mailing address of the property owner. This report lists the following:

    • Parcel Identifier (PID) Number
    • Legal land description
    • Names and address of owners
    • Roll number and Jurisdiction code

2.  Assessment Roll Report

This report is used to obtain information on the current assessed value of a property and two years of the previous assessed values. This report will also indicate the date and price of up to five previous sales of the property. It includes everything above plus:

    • Value of both land and improvements
    • Total actual value
    • Property class
    • Manual class of buildings
    • Land Use
    • Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) code
    • Property Area (Acres)
    • Up to 5 previous Sales (Dates and Price)

3.  Residential Inventory Report

This is the most detailed of the three reports. It gives more information concerning the physical description of the property. It contain all information listed above plus:

    • Description of property
    • Year built
    • Total finished area
    • Number of stories
    • Number of bathrooms
    • Number of bedrooms
    • Pool – Yes or No
    • Foundation/Basement
    • Capacity of garage or carport